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International Conference

Diaspora, Mobility, Nomadism, Diversity

Skopje, 23-24 November 2016

National Gallery, Cifte Amam, Skopje

Conference program


23.11.2016, Wednesday

Day one


Robert Alagjozovski, Darka Radosavljevic

Conference opening


Monika Mokre

Inclusion and Exclusion by the Arts


Alexandra Lazar

Artivism, Brexit and the Good Migrant


Lidija Dimkovska

To write about diaspora and to live in diversities


12.00-12.30 coffee&tea break



Elizabeta Šeleva

Personal Notes On A Diasporic Nostalgia


Melentie Pandilovski

The Phenomenology of Diasporic Experiences - from the Corporeal and Digital to the Biotechnological

(skype connection, Australia)


Yane Calovski

Residency vs. Residence: The Pursuit Of Self-Escape


Sabina Guzik

Refugee, migrant, tourist: The thing about changing places.

(presentation with photo-show)



General discussion




Day two


Ivaylo Ditcev

Mobility as ritual, status, identity.


Irena Bekić, Duga Mavrinac

Between There and There: Anatomy of Temporary Migrations


Arian Leka

We, our people, and our çorba, too


12.00-12.30 coffee&tea break



Dragoslav Dedovic

Between the crab-walk and the butterfly net


Liljana Simic Deru

Intercultural ethics – media diversity representation



Marko Stamenkovic

Hello from the other side: Europe, Migration, and The Emperor’s New Clothes




End discussion and conference conclusions

This inter- and multi-disciplinary, two-sessions conference seeks to re-examine the concepts of diaspora, mobility, nomadic experiences, frequent travels, art and cultural residencies. Whether they are individual or collective, economically or politically, movement of people across territories have strong impact on societies, their development but also conflicts.

Major issues to be addressed include, but are not limited to:

- What is the role of diaspora in the nation-building urgency and identity-centered preoccupation?

- When ambivalence and contradiction appears in the artistic memories of the homeland?

- In which way the new models of mobility, nomadic experiences, frequent travels, short term stays in other countries as art and cultural residencies, influence and shape someone’s artistic practice and poetics?

- Why traditions are significantly invented in retrospective affiliations?

- Where is the space of the transmigrational groups and non-citizen classes, such as immigrants, economic migrants, exiles, refugees and illegal aliens?

- How are the voluntary diasporic subjects different from those whose lives have been mapped by exile and forced economic migration?

- How is diaspora being remapped through cyberscape?

- Can there emerge different kind of citizenship - flexible, diasporic, and nomadic?


The papers are based on three modules of research:

- analytical academic papers, which would be debated during the conferences;

- Case studies as well as research-based policy recommendations;

- presentation in situ of concrete artistic or cultural projects on the issues of diaspora or by diasporic artists.


The working language of the conference is English.

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