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Intercultural ethics – media diversity representation

Liljana Simic Deru

International freelance lecturer, EU organisational anthropologist, Big picture oriented


This paper will try to illustrate the importance of intercultural ethics in media through representation of the cultural diversity while exploring the ethical impact of EU internal video production (ex. Growing together – EU Enlargement ad)1. The European Commission has been forced to withdraw a high-budget video promoting the EU enlargement being accused of depicting other cultures in a racist manner.

This research will try to demonstrate, through this video as a case study, what the media diversity practice is bringing to the society in terms of ethical respectful representation of its citizens in relation with outside Europe cultures and how European Union diversity policy influence a creation of cross-cultural media which affect the range of intercultural ethical dimensions.

The paper begins with a critique of different approaches to the problem of intercultural ethics and then proceeds to develop constructivist approach which theorizes the representation of cultural diversity in Europe. This will bring some practical insights on what are the challenges and opportunities in ethical diversity management production. The paper will try to contribute towards some reflective practices for managers in the media who are working on European and international scale laying the groundwork for a specifically constructivist approach to intercultural media ethics.

Keywords: intercultural ethics, EU video rethorics, diversity representation


Ljiljana Simic Deru·

Ljiljana Simic Deru· is international freelance lecturer and EU organisational anthropologist.·Phd·researcher in the field of·international scientific multidisciplinary studies on EU·intercultural·image and cultural diplomacy. She is university·lecturer·on intercultural strategies of communication. (Wien, Belfast, Lille, Brussels).·Long - term experience positioned to advise, anticipate and evaluate on intercultural issues·in Personal and Organisational Development in·public,·private·as well as in·NGO·sector.Co-author, editor·in several academic books, on line publishing and paper/panel international participation on Cross cultural Management, Cultural diversity and Intercultural policies. Based in Brussels.


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