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Robert Alagjozovski (1973) - Skopje based free lance writer, researcher, cultural manager, art and culture critic. PHD candidate at the Faculty of Economy, Skopje University, from the field of cultural management. M.A. in Comparative literature from the Faculty of Filology, Skopje University. Author of four books and dozen of studies from Philology, Film and Cultural Policy. President of the Brussels’ based Oracle network of European cultural managers and trainer at the Marcel Hicter’s European Diploma in Cultural Project Management. Member of Independent writers of Macedonia and of the editorial board of Sarajevo notebooks. He has been involved in many culture and youth based projects: on cultural decentralization, interculturalism, regional or international cooperation. He has translated several important books from English and Serbo-Croatian.


Darka Radosavljević Vasiljević, art historian, leader of Remont – independent artistic association ( since 1999. She started her career in SKC Beograd (1985) and later became the editor of art section in Beorama magazine (1987-89). From 1990-99 she ran the Sketchbook radio show at the Radio B92. From 1992-99 she worked as the editor of the Radio B92 cultural department. In 1994 she started Cinema REX (founded by B92) and worked as its art director until 1999. She is the author of many cultural projests, curator and art director of several international cultural festivals, e.g. October Salon (2005), BELEF (2007)...


Mirjana Peitler - Selakov, born in Sombor, Serbia. Graduated from the Faculty of ЕlectricalЕngineering at the University of Novi Sad (Yugoslavia) and in аrtхistory at the Karl Franzens University of Graz (Austria). From 2008-2012, she was the Chief curator in the medienkunstlabor (mkl) in Kunsthaus Graz and the director of GISAlab (Girls in Science&Art Lab). From 2003 onwards she worked as the curator of kunst.ost and organized different projects and exhibitions. Main fields of interest: East European art, art in public space, the new art and science technologies. Currently engaged as Functional safety manager by Renesans Electronics, Düsseldorf. Lives in Düsseldorf (D) and Graz (A).


Miroslav Karić, holds a BA in Art History from the Faculty of Philosophy, University of Belgrade (2000) and since 2001 has been a secretary and curator at the Remont-Independent Art Association. Karić has been a member of the editorial team ofRemont Art Magazine and during the period from 2004 – 2010 he regularly edited Exhibitions section in the monthly cultural guide·Yellow Cab Belgrade. Last fifteen years Karić has been professionally engaged as a curator, coordinator/organiser and PR on contemporary art and cultural projects.


Janka Vukmir lives and works in Zagreb and is a very active art historian on a wide variety of field concerning contemporary art. She has curated, lectured, juried, written and published internationally. Working in the non-profit sector over 20 years, Vukmir has also occupied herself with matters of organization, fundraising, capacity building and leadership, having attended numerous seminars related to these issues. She was the Assistant Direcor and Director of the SCCA Zagreb and is a co-foounder and president of the Institute for Contemporary Art.·

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