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Refugee, migrant, tourist. The thing about changing places.

Sabina Guzik

Independent cultural manager, photographer


The aim of the paper is to present diverse definitions and criteria of migration processes, transitional experiences, cultural heritage of minorities and possibilities of cultural exchanges based on an example of Polish-Macedonian relations since late 1940s untill now. In 50s Poland became a shelter for young refugees after civil war in Aegean Macedonia. After traumatic earthquake from 1963 Polish workers came to Skopje with a plan to redesign and rebuilt the capital city. Nowadays people travel between these countries for different reasons as before - because of curiosity, not being forced to leave their homes.

KEYWORDS: Poland, Macedonia, tourism, cultural heritage, migration


Sabina Guzik

Sabina Guzik was born in Krosno, south-east Poland. She studied traditional and digital photography. In 2011 she moved to Krakow to work with Groteska Theatre and NGOs, organizing festivals, open-air events, workshops, meetings and debates. In 2015 she graduated Culture Management on Jagiellonian University with thesis titled: Macedonian Babel Tower - multicultural management in the Republic of Macedonia. From September 2016 Sabina Guzik works in the Embassy of the Republic of Poland in Skopje.

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