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Esperanza-World Culture Center

“Esperanza-World Culture Center” is NGO working in the field of culture, based in Skopje. It comprises of cultural and media activists aiming at developing international intercultural cooperation and participation in diverse world culture. As the world trade center is a glocality, symbol of sense, order and connectedness through uniformity, standardization and branding, so the world cultural center is a glocality, a place for action, culture, meaningness, order, hope through diversity, openness, heteronomy. The World trade center is our poetic antipode. Above its real globalistic emergence we create a cultural alternative.


Remont – Independent Artistic association

Remont – Independent Artistic association (founded in 1999) is an organisation which gather actors of contemporary art practices of all ages with a special focus on the upcoming generation. Through exhibitions, publishing, educational programs, counselling, information and advocacy activities Remont generates, documents and promotes the development of innovative artistic practice, regional and international cooperation, decentralization of the culture scene in Serbia, as well proposes solutions to cultural and other public policies that are related to this matter.



One of the main intentions of the association kunst.ost is to make visible the existing similarities and different developments in society and politics, to give these topics public relevance and to bring people with different cultural, political experiences to speak to the public, by using diverse art and cultural practices.


ORACLE is a network of European Cultural managers, having their focus on projects of European dimension and who are of the opinion, that intercultural co-operations are of big importance in the modern Europe, especially within the context of the European Union as a political construct.The crucial difference to other European Cultural Networks is that Oracle’s members are not associations but individuals. ORACLE is a dynamic network being shaped by the impulses and contributions of its members. Many different motivations signify the special esprit of this network. The two most mentioned reasons for a participation are „communication“ and „information“.


Institute for Contemporary Art

Institute for Contemporary Art in Zagreb is an organisation established in 1998, following SCCA-Zagreb, established in 1993. Since 2011 ICA, Zagreb has been running a gallery, a research and a documentation centre. The Institute established the Radoslav Putar Award for the best young artist in 2002 and is a member of the YVAA (Young Visual Artists Awards) and Continental Breakfast networks. The public programs of the Institute aim to promote creativity in the fileds of visual arts of Croatia as well as in the neighbouring regions and on local and international arts scenes through exhibition program and various accompanying public programs, which give visibility to the artists, and through publications, educational and research programs run in collaboration with local and interntional partners. ·


Project coordinators

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