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The Embassy of the Republic of Poland in Skopje

together with

The School of Critical Thinking, Writing and Debating


cordially invite you to

a public lecture followed by a discussion




Łukasz Galusek


"Who is Afraid of Modernism?"



"(...) We have a problem with modernism. Postwar architecture connects it with an unjust system. We associate the labels of totalitarianism and mediocrity with it. Preoccupied with other things, in 1989 it disappeared from our sight. It existed, but for us it was invisible. We rejoiced when it began to disappear. Today we think: what if we assessed it too harshly? We learn about it from the beginning. Socmodernism somehow has become fashionable. The discussion lasts and stirs emotions. We will illustrate our dilemmas of post-war architecture with examples of the city of Katowice and the Upper Silesia (...) "


Gem Club, Old Bazaar, Thursday, December 10th, 7:00 pm


Łukasz Galusek is a graduate of architecture and urbanism at the Faculty of Architecture and Urbanism in the Silesian Technical University in Gliwice. After obtaining MA in architecture, he was working as architect and then as the editor-in-chief of the Bezdroża Publishing House (Kraków). Since 2005 he has been employed by the International Cultural Centre in Kraków (now as the Head of the ICC Publishing House). Since 2010 he has been the managing editor of the Hertio quarterly. His areas of interest are the culture and art of Central Europe, in particular the relationship between space, memory, and identity, as well as cultural education and animation. He has written about the architecture of Skopje, its modernism and recent urban activities in the city.

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