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diSTRUKTURA, Of Streets and Buildings, installation (drawing, photography, video, map), installation view Remont gallery, photo: Boris Burić, 2016


The artistic group diSTRUKTURA problematizes the expanded notions of nature today, whether of nature itself, or pseudo-nature or synthetically created nature, with an intention to define the relations among these newly created structures of contemporary life. The experience of becoming-part-of-nature or being-part-of-nature they take over from the tradition of the romantic landscape painting and then they move on to confront it to the 21st century surroundings. The motifs from natural landscapes and cityscapes from all over the world become subjects for their isolated contemplation, though inviting the viewer to join them in the contemplation. Thus, their photographs under the titles Face to Face (and Not so Far Away) literally replicate the romantic topography of a viewer facing elevated and grand scenes, this time belonging to a post-industrial landscape, as an example of the new social and mental ecology. Their work is work in progress and is carried out on every site visited by the artists. The participants in these symbolic shows are mostly the artists themselves, standing against the rural or urban landscape, or penetrating the tissue of the city, undertaking the role of psycho-geographers facing the surroundings that have been affected by man and thus reflecting a current moment of contemporary life. diSTRUCTURA present their landscapes as cultural constructs, as a convention that is always a combination of aesthetic, political, economic, symbolic and spatial elements.


(diSTRUKTURA) Milica Milicević and Milan Bosnić attended the undergraduate and post-graduate studies of the Painting Department of the Faculty for Visual Arts in Belgrade. They’ve been working on joint projects under the name diSTRUKTURA since 2005. At the moment they live and work in Belgrade. They have had 30 solo exhibitions as diSTRUKTURA and have participated in more than 70 group exhibitions in the country and abroad. They have also taken part in many colonies, workshops and residential programs in Germany, Switzerland, Netherlands, Austria, Italy, Slovenia, Egypt, Serbia and Finland and in 2015 they were awarded the Pollock-Krasner grant.

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